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Mobility in transition: Welcome, Smart Mobility

You are responsible for the business concept of a mobility company and these issues are on your mind?

  • You want to inspire your customers with the highest possible mobility in the globally world.
  • You seek mobility solutions that are not just efficient and convenient, but also sustainable.
  • Digitalization constantly offers new possible combinations. You want to add them to your customer portal as soon as possible.
  • You are keen to analyze your customer's individual needs and develop a strategy on this basis.
  • You aim to create a competitive advantage through innovative, intelligent and elegantly networked systems.

Zühlke's assessment

1. Mobility must become simpler

Mobility is one of the growth markets of the 21st century. Globalization means more people and goods are on the move, driving mobility solutions at great pace. Car companies are investing heavily in carsharing, electromobility and self-driving cars. This clearly suggests that no stone is being left unturned in the mobility sector. Smart Mobility is taking over. The customer is at the heart of the scenario and expects everything to be simple and straightforward.

2. The key issues for mobility companies

  • What can I do to focus even more intensively on customers’ needs?
  • With which digital innovations do we respond to the trend towards ever more efficient, individual and sustainable mobility solutions?

3. Digitalization intelligently
Digitalization makes Smart Mobility possible. Companies that want to secure a competitive advantage in the mobility market are betting on innovations. This is their response to the global trend of populations becoming ever more urban and living in increasingly confined spaces. People demand new mobility solutions that save space, conserve resources, and take changes in society into account. Using instead of owning is one megatrend in mobility that will bring lasting change to the industry.

4. Achieving the pole position with Zühlke
In an environment of disruptive developments there are winners, new market players, and losers. No successful company of tomorrow will have the same set up as today.
 Zühlke takes the side of those mobility companies that want to survive, grow, and win.

«Smart Mobility is a change of system, not just transportation.»

Bruno Christen, Director Business Development Transport & Mobility

What opportunities open up for you?

In the mobility transformation, there are winners and losers. You win by leading the way.

  • Zühlke advises you on the development of your digital vision, and helps you develop innovations for Smart Mobility.

Customers expect individual and efficient mobility solutions that are suitable for urban and rural areas.

  • Zühlke guides you along the path to innovations that place the customer experience in the forefront. This often involves IT solutions that include maintenance and operation from the outset.

Thanks to big data, it is possible to develop the successful mobility solutions of the future.

  • Zühlke assists you in gaining insights into customers' needs with data analytics (big data, smart data).

The company that merges and optimizes processes and networks has the edge over the competition.

  • Zühlke knows all about cross-industry innovation and can provide you with the interdisciplinary expertise in the area of efficient processes and digital optimizations.
Zühlke is your innovation partner

In the turmoil of digital disruption, we are a strong partner for mobility companies keen to celebrate successes now and in the future. We support your digital transformation throughout the entire innovation and optimization process, from the initial idea through to implementation and operation.


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