Come up trumps in the race for telecom innovations

You are responsible for a telecom company's business concept and the following issues are on your mind?

  • You want your clients to love you because you offer innovative, easily combinable and highly transparent packages.
  • When compared to your competitors, you want to attract attention with perfect communication solutions that define an industry leader.
  • In order to post great performance figures as soon as possible you want to forcefully promote your digital vision and strategy in the communications world.
  • You intend to tackle your shift to a top digital service provider in a highly agile and dynamic way.

Zühlke's assessment

1. Are you fast and innovative enough?

The rapid pace of digitization constitutes a major challenge for the telecoms industry. But telecom companies are renowned for being drivers of innovation. Which is a good thing! However: Are they really? For Zühlke, the key focus is on agile and dynamic value chains that are oriented towards a state-of-the-art end-user experience.

2. The key issues for telecom companies

  • What services and offers do customers expect from us as a modern, digital service provider?
  • Which technologies are "best of breed", succeed in delighting the customer, and give the company a progressive image?

3. The quickest are the best

You want to be the masters of digital change and exploit your existing data analytically with Smart Data? You are pursuing new areas of business and want to incorporate the Internet of Things? Telecom companies are at the forefront of innovation and see continuous change as a constant.
Providing customers with the latest services requires the most promising technologies: The Cloud, connecting complex system landscapes, and communication among machines are just three of the topics. A company counts as a winner if it succeeds in surprising and convincing customers with cutting edge offers - ideally as the first in the industry.

4. Zühlke is the winners' coach

In the fast-developing world of digital change, the minnows can win and the giants can lose. This is where we coach you to ensure you are quick and successful.

«Telecommunication used to just be about speed and availability – now telcos need to reinvent themselves in order to survive.»

Melanie Tschugmall, Business Development Telecommunication

What opportunities open up for you?

The quick and innovative are on the fast lane.

  • Zühlke keeps track of the technologies, introduces you to top technology partners, and advises you on the development of your digital vision.

You know what customers expect and achieve above-average growth with surprising, useful offers.

  • Zühlke shows you how to align your offer optimally to customer needs and create the best possible customer experience.

Agility and efficiency in all areas help you improve profitability and increase added value.

  • Zühlke considers the optimal coordination of processes in the background. Because Lean Operations and breaking up cost structures is also a major concern.

Simplicity and functionality are the cornerstones of tomorrow's successful telecom companies.

  • Zühlke helps you design services that your customers can grasp intuitively.
Zühlke is your innovation partner

We help you back the right horses in the digital competition. That’s the way to celebrate successes tomorrow and beyond. Zühlke is always at your side as an innovation partner - from the initial idea through to the implementation and operation.

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Melanie Tschugmall

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