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Insurance – Who owns your customer?

Concluding contracts and settling claims are often the only points of contact between insurance companies and their customers. This relationship gap is being filled by new market players providing innovative services and a state-of-the-art user experience. Insurers are left with only two alternatives: compete with more efficient processes and lower prices, or themselves actively target customers with innovative, diversified and easily accessible products.

Zühlke as a strong partner for insurance companies

Zühlke is the ideal partner for both options. In addition to extensive business know-how from digital transformation projects in a wide-range of sectors, we also provide the engineering competence to implement your strategies. Zühlke draws on many years of experience in implementing new business ideas in the insurance industry which also allows us to understand what are the important business and technical drivers.

Our Experts
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What we offer

Strategic Innovation

Innovation needs strategy. Only aligned investments in innovation will unfold the power of your efforts and forever change the destiny of your company.

Experience Design

Incumbent businesses are disrupted by unhappy customers, not by technology. That’s why we place human experience at the center of our digital transformation journey.

Offering Innovation

To be competitive in tomorrow’s markets requires seizing today’s opportunities. Differentiation is key. Standstill is regression. Move now.

Process Innovation

Saving process costs and inspiring customers at the same time must not be a contradiction. Increase your competitiveness by consistently aligning yourself to your customer needs.

User Experience & Design

Successful products speak your users’ language.

Application Modernization

Application modernization as a prerequisite for innovation

Multi-channel Solutions

Blending offline, online and mobile

Success Stories

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