Innovation sector medical technology: Stay in the lead

You are responsible for a medtech company's business concept and these issues are on your mind?

  • You want to inspire your patients with the latest know-how on usability.
  • You are looking for new impulses to put your vision for creative solutions in networked healthcare into practice.
  • As industry leader, you aim to exploit innovative technologies for product engineering.
  • You want to accelerate the approval of your products in new markets with a clever strategy.

Zühlke's assessment

1. Can innovation be planned?
In the field of medical technology, innovation has always been standard practice. The history of human health is the story of steadily improving treatment methods. New requirements result from demographic developments and ongoing digitization. This constantly shortens the life cycle of medical products. For Zühlke it is clear that innovation needs to be strategically aligned and planned on the basis of these changes.

2. The key issues for medtech companies

  • How can we use shortened innovation cycles to our advantage?
  • What new target groups can we reach?
  • How can we improve the patient experience?


3. Staying in the lead
New interdisciplinary technologies offer opportunities for pioneering innovations. New perspectives for the development of life-improving products are opening up in the area of chronic diseases (NCD). Post-acute treatment methods offer new prospects for networked mobile health products and the use of the Internet of Things. These changes call for an efficient network and new skills in the areas of usability and customer experience.

4. Zühlke stands up for visionaries
Medtech companies that master innovation planning are at the forefront of their industry. Zühlke supports those companies keen to increase the innovation cycle and take the lead.

«In Medtech, innovation has always been a question of life or death.»

What opportunities open up for you?

Technologies like 3D printing reduce costs and allow very small batches. You use this to increase efficiency and quality.

  • Zühlke advises you on shortening innovation cycles and implementing new production methods. Rent a Startup - our offer of an "innovation garage" can come into play here.

Digitization and networking are extending the areas of application. You take the lead with new product classes.

  • Zühlke supports you with the development of innovative products in fields such as post-acute treatment and Mobile Health.

Care management is becoming a competitive factor. You simplify administration and logistics.

  • Zühlke assists with technical due diligence and developing the vision for the use of interdisciplinary technologies such as the Internet of Things.

Globalization facilitates access to new markets. You open up new sales regions.

  • Zühlke helps you develop efficient processes to handle regulatory approval.
Zühlke stands up for visionaries

In times of ever shorter innovation cycles, we partner medtech companies and offer complete solutions from the product idea to market launch. We assist in developing strategies for both the implementation of new technologies and efficiency-enhancing processes.

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