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Personalized Care: turning patients into customers

You’re managing the focus of a healthcare company and you’re dealing with these issues:

  • You want to understand your customers, because you see your future in personalized medicine.
  • Patient/therapy adherence and patient monitoring: You need more data in order to improve the prediction models for disease gradients and the efficacy of drugs.
  • Your patients inform themselves online: The Internet knowledge is changing the world of your patients. The future doctor is also a health coach for your patients.
  • You’re looking for solutions in diagnostics: centralized labs and decentralized solutions should exist side by side.
  • You want to answer to the growing requirements of the regulatory authorities by a spirit of innovation.

Zühlke’s assessment

1. Patients become customers

Your patient is online: he or she is better informed and determines his or her therapy/treatment by himself in the future. By already collecting health data to keep track for example of the success of his strength training, he’ll be delivering tomorrow’s medical data such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, etc. via wearable devices. These data give healthcare providers such as health insurance and insurance, pharmaceutical & biotechnology and diagnostics companies, laboratories, doctors, hospitals and pharmacies the opportunity to control better the effectiveness of a treatment and to increase the chances of success.

2. Key issues for healthcare companies

  • Which are the demands of personalized medicine on the business model of the healthcare providers?
  • How can we decisively shape the trend of personalized medicine?
  • How can we better adapt diagnosis and treatment to the individual patient?

3. Our answer: Innovative product development

The digital transformation is your chance. By connecting portals, devices, data analytics, Internet of things and wearables, you open all doors to the development of new products. By focusing on your customers, you manage to offer them great added value. Together with Zühlke experts you’ll be developing within very short time prototypes for innovative mobile solutions that will be immediately tested on their feasibility and improved by agile method regarding production costs.

4. Zühlke stands up for pioneers

Zühlke is your specialist for cross-sector development projects. Because Zühlke always uses its entire know-how from other industries and incorporates it in your specific product. This is your advantage to your industry.

«Empowering Patients is about gaining people’s trust and sharing knowledge.»

Andreas Griesser, Senior Business Development Manager, LabScience, Pharma & Biotech

What opportunities open up for you?

Thanks to your innovative product development, you gain new markets.

  • Zühlke supports you in the development of your innovative product. You’ll be part of the winners in the health market. Take profit for example of our innovation speedboat «Rent a Startup».

The personalized medicine allows innovative treatment concepts.

  • Zühlke is your strategic partner for smart data and for adjusting your products to the challenges of personalized medicine.

Thanks to customer centricity, you know what your customers expect, and you achieve above-average growth through surprising and useful offers.

  • Zühlke shows you how to optimally focus your offer on customer requirements and how to create the best possible customer experience.

Thanks to the Internet of things, you can faster and more efficiently bring innovations to market.

  • Zühlke helps you to take advantage of the disruption by the digitisation. The Internet of things is changing the face of healthcare industry.
Zühlke is your innovation partner

Right in the middle of digital disruption, we are the strong partners for lab science companies willing to celebrate their success today and tomorrow. We support you in the digital transformation along the entire innovation and optimization process from the idea to the realization and commissioning.

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