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Insurance companies

Change in the insurance industry: Turn it to your advantage!

You are responsible for an insurance company’s business concept and these issues are on your mind?

  • You want to be perceived by your customers as an attractive insurance company because you define individual more individually.
  • Your knowledge of your customers is enormous - and you want your insurance products to reflect this.
  • The insurance market is developing rapidly - you want to gain new customers by using an agile innovation process.
  • A great deal of information about your policy holders and their needs can be generated from your golden mountain of data - you would like to make active use of this.
  • You have digital visions and would like to implement them brilliantly in the insurance world.

Zühlke's assessment

1. Rethink your position!

Change can mean optimizing what already exists. Or it can mean introducing what has never existed before. Thinking differently. Daring to try something new. Winning. Zühlke is aware that insurance companies are under extreme pressure concerning their portfolio. Because digitization is by no means limited to the mere automation of paper-based processes. Instead, digitization primarily means getting to know your customers better and being more responsive towards them. This calls upon the creativity of insurance companies like never before. After all, customers' expectations are high: security and simplicity, on all channels, and at all times.

2. The key issues for insurance companies

  • How can you shine along the entire service chain?
  • How can you actively involve your customers and partners with value-added services?

3. Being among the winners

The digital transformation holds great potential. It drives innovation and rewards bold corporations. An insurance company that sees change as an opportunity, knows how to increase its competitiveness. A proactive approach in dealing with the paradigm shift improves customer journey management, creates new relationships between companies and customers, and promotes customer loyalty.

4. Zühlke stands up for pioneers

The development of novel solutions in a competitive market environment is preceded by curiosity and ambition. Know-how from other sectors is crucial, as is critically reviewing one's own role. Zühlke understands the insurance industry and assists in putting it on course for victory with new technologies and approaches.


«Insurance should provide security and be hassle-free.
For all involved.»

Lukas Urech, Director Business Development Insurance

What opportunities open up for you?

You are a pioneer in the field of insurance and benefit from the new opportunities change provides.

  • Zühlke advises you on your digital vision and helps you advance in the area of permanent Business Model Innovation.

You use technology to provide customers with highly customized products. This makes you almost irreplaceable.

  • Zühlke supports you in integrating the new possibilities offered by the Internet of Things and Smart Contracting.

With the help of modern technology, you achieve greater cost efficiency and a safer risk management, thus increasing profitability.

  • Zühlke is your partner for optimizing processes and for improving compliance and security.

Your customer portal and your multi-channel solutions become "state of the art" and are met with great interest by your customers.

  • Zühlke supports you in radically focusing your business on customer needs.

You create value for customers by using the data available worldwide most effectively.

  • Zühlke creates the IT architectures that connect your insurance company with meaningful data – from internal and external sources, and with topics from outside the industry that will be important to you in future.
Zühlke stands up for pioneers

In the turmoil of digital transformation, we are a strong partner for insurance companies that want to be bold and successful, now and in the future. We support you throughout the comprehensive innovation and optimization process, from the initial idea through to implementation and operation. So you shine along the entire service chain.


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Photo: Mr Lukas Urech

Lukas Urech

Sector Responsible

"Being more likeable, trustworthy and simple for loyal customers. Insurers see this as the long-term success of their business. The introduction of new forms of organization and technologies must contribute to this goal."
Photo: Mr Mike Seiler

Mike Seiler

Account Responsible