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Digitalization: Shift to the fast lane

In the turmoil of digital disruption, we are a strong partner for industrial companies keen to celebrate successes tomorrow and beyond. We support you throughout the entire product development process, from the initial idea through to implementation and market success.

You are responsible for an industrial company and these issues are on your mind?

  • You are looking for creative approaches on how to optimally meet your customers' very individual needs.
  • You want to ensure your production can withstand the price and efficiency pressure in the global market.
  • You would like to quickly transform an idea into a viable product.
  • You seek IT solutions to harmonize the numerous systems and processes that have evolved over the years.
  • You aim to develop visions and strategies that enable your proven business model to hold its own in the digital age.

Zühlke's assessment

1. Digital transformation is a reality!
Digitalization is turning the fundamental parameters in the industrial sector on their head. This calls for permanent Business Model Innovation. Adaptive logistics and automated inventory management are factors of success. At the heart of the value chain optimization is not just the product, but also the user's perspective: User Centered Innovation is essential. Zühlke is convinced that Swiss industrial companies excel in the global market through innovation, outstanding quality, and precision.

2. The key issues for industrial companies

  • How can I adapt my product / my provision of services more closely to consumers' needs?
  • How can I optimize my processes and secure the company's long-term future?

3. Our response to this question: Customer Centricity

Unlock the potential of digital transformation: It enables the manufacture of customized products. With digitalization, the customer is accompanied throughout the entire product lifecycle. Individual solutions and additional services increase the added value for your customers and strengthen customer loyalty. Industrial companies reduce complexity by focusing constantly on user-centered product development. With Lean Prototyping and Value Engineering, products and processes can be optimized and production costs reduced.

4. Zühlke takes the side of innovation leaders
The fourth industrial revolution is giving rise to new players. Zühlke accompanies Swiss industrial companies in the digital development process at every step of the way - innovation has always been a strength of Switzerland as a center of manufacturing industry.

«In times of change, the greatest potential for innovation arises.»

Rolf Höpli, Director Business Development Industrial Sector

What opportunities open up for you?

Digital transformation empowers consumers and forces producers to act. You place your customers at the center of your vision.

  • Zühlke involves consumers early in the entire innovation process to ensure the product is fully geared towards their needs. Everything is provided by one single source - from the first functional prototypes to the pilot series.

Optimizing the entire value chain with the right sparring partner.

  • Zühlke closely examines every single process step in your product development and uncovers optimization potential with Value Engineering. Your advantage: You increase your added value.

Your industrial company evolves into a streamlined unified entity.

  • Zühlke helps you develop your digital product memory, fuses the output of every division, and supports you in implementing the Internet of Things.

New technologies enable shorter innovation and product cycles. Your company becomes more agile.

  • Zühlke’s Rent a Startup helps you gain the agility to leave competitors behind.
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Shift with us to the fast lane

Photo: Mr Rolf Höpli

Rolf Höpli

Sector Responsible
Industrial Sector

"Digitalisation opens up new opportunities: product manufacturers become comprehensive service providers and bind their customers more closely to themselves with inspiring experiences. Benefit from our experience in Swiss industry."