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Change in the energy sector: Who are your clients of tomorrow?

You are responsible for the business concept of an energy provider and these issues are on your mind?

  • As industry leader, you want to attract attention with innovative solutions in liberalized markets.
  • Your goal in the cut-throat market is to ensure growth by developing new business areas.
  • You are on the lookout for elegant system solutions offering sustainability and cost savings at the same time.
  • In order to analyze customer and market behavior, you want to reinforce your IT and business architecture with flexible and pragmatic processes.
  • Last but not least: You want to delight your customers with a user-friendly portal and mobile app solutions.

Zühlke's assessment

1. New opportunities through structural change
The energy industry is in the midst of a radical renewal process. Conventional structures will change. The restructuring throughout the entire value chain as well as the liberalization of the markets offer new opportunities for providers. They can differentiate themselves from competitors by adopting innovative solutions. Renewables are less predictable, but strategically important for future diversification.
End customers are increasingly using mobile devices and becoming ever more networked and digitalized. They take center stage and also demand a compelling digital customer experience from their energy providers.

2. The key issues for energy suppliers
• How can I strengthen customer loyalty?
• How do I deal with cost pressure, and how can I create cost transparency?

3. Being among the winners
Cost efficiency and customer loyalty are becoming the key elements of future competitiveness. They demand pragmatic innovation management. With mobile solutions and user-friendly portals, you strengthen customer loyalty. By moving forward, energy providers today have the opportunity to take the lead rather than lag behind. Constant process optimization and a strong business and IT architecture are crucial. Energy suppliers can score with exceptional solutions by altering structures previously considered fixed.

4. Zühlke stands up for winners
In the energy sector there are winners, new market players, and losers. No successful energy company of tomorrow will have the same set up as today.
Zühlke takes the side of those energy providers that want to survive, grow, and win.

"I believe in the power of innovation. It is the key to new value chains."

Lukas Urech, Senior Business Development Manager Energy

What opportunities open up for you?

Your innovative spirit and development of fresh solutions set you apart from competitors.

• Zühlke supports you in the development of your digital vision and takes your innovation management forward with permanent Business Model Innovation.

By tapping new market opportunities and offering unique service packages, you have your competitive advantage on the safe side.

• Zühlke supports you in highly competitive markets in radically focusing your business on customer needs and in designing the customer experience.

You use the latest technologies and become more cost-effective. This improves your agility and profitability and increases added value.

• Zühlke is your partner in process optimization for every area in which you are not yet working with 100% energy efficiency.

You rely on data analytics to analyze customer behavior, and excel with the appropriate offer.

• Zühlke supports you with the data analysis and guides you to a profound customer understanding as well as a convincing user experience.

Zühlke is your innovation partner

In the turmoil caused by the liberalization of the electricity markets, we are a strong partner for energy providers keen to celebrate successes now and in the future. We support your digital transformation throughout the entire innovation and optimization process, from the initial idea through to implementation and operation.

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