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Open banking as an opportunity

Along with new technologies and evolving customer needs, regulatory changes have been one of the biggest challenges in the financial world for years. Open banking connects all three of these levels and can therefore be considered a truly disruptive development. With interfaces and open access – such as for FinTech companies – it will mean a fundamental shift in the way that banks traditionally do business.

Finding your place in the digital ecosystem together

In this disruptive environment, banks and financial services providers need a well-matched sparring partner to help them make the right strategic decisions. Zühlke will accompany you along this road and help you set the right priorities, adding real value to your business.


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Nov. 14, 2019

How banking can survive in the age of digitization

Robo-advisors, AI, big data: well-known buzzwords we are hearing again and again.  Digitization has arrived with full force in banking – and is providing financial service providers with fundamenta...

March 20, 2019

How to defend against cyber attacks in open-banking environments

By opening up their ecosystems as part of open banking, banks create added value for their customers. At the same time, they attract hackers. The protection of assets must be the top priority for b...

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