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Change in the banking industry: Be among the winners

You are responsible for a bank's business concept and these issues are on your mind?

  • You want to make a big splash in your industry with an extraordinary customer experience: online banking, simple and time-saving.
  • You strive to be at the forefront of digitization in the banking sector with your Business Model Innovation.
  • You seek to optimize your systems-based compliance and its adaptation to new regulations.
  • By enhancing your digital vision and strategy, you want to increase customer loyalty over the long term as well as continuously attract new customers.


Zühlke's assessment

1. Is the transformation disruptive?

Banks are typically used to incremental change. However, with digitization a disruptive development is on the horizon. Zühlke is in no doubt that it is coming and that the first phase has already begun. For this reason, permanent Business Model Innovation is becoming a key factor of success. Robo Advisor, Fintech and Blockchain are all important topics that banks have to deal with. In addition, bank customers are already online and mobile in many areas of their lives, and also demand the best digital customer experience from their bank.

2. The key issues for banks

  • What does it take to make the focus on bank customers a central element of my business activities?
  • How can I provide customers with the simplicity, convenience and security they expect when interacting with our bank?

24/7 access to the mortgage portfolio

3. Being among the winners

Digital transformation is becoming a key element of future competitiveness. It offers great potential to generate enthusiasm - among customers as well as bankers. A bank that shapes its digital transformation actively will discover its new comfort zone where it accepts ongoing - and occasionally abrupt - change as a constant. It uses this change to offer progressive solutions. A bank will count among the winners if it better understands and serves its customers - and if it simultaneously optimizes the complex regulation processes and compliance integration.

4. Zühlke stands up for winners

In the environment of disruptive developments there are winners, new market players, and losers. No successful bank of tomorrow will have the same set up as today. Zühlke takes the side of those banks that want to survive, grow, and win.

«I believe Banking should be exciting for customers and bankers.»

Heinz Rudin, Director Business Development Banking

What opportunities open up for you?

Disruption creates winners and losers. You benefit by leading the way.

  • Zühlke advises you on the development of your digital vision and takes your bank forward with permanent Business Model Innovation.

You inspire your customers at all the touch points and gain a disproportionate share of new customers.

  • Zühlke supports you in radically focusing on customer needs and in designing the customer experience.

You use technology for enhanced cost efficiency and to become more agile. This improves profitability and increases added value.

  • Zühlke is your partner for optimizing processes and for flexible solutions in the area of customer interfaces as well as in the back-office.

Your customer portal and your multi-channel solutions become "state of the art" and provide a world class customer experience.

  • Zühlke helps you develop your Digital Financial Home. This is our customer platform solution, where bank customers feel right at home.

You rely on the best-in-class approach and correspondingly offer your customers top products in every area.

  • Zühlke integrates third party providers whose products you offer into your bank's IT.
Zühlke is your innovation partner

In the turmoil of digital disruption, we are a strong partner for banks keen to celebrate successes now and in the future. We support your digital transformation throughout the entire innovation and optimization process, from the initial idea through to implementation and operation.


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Photo: Mr Heinz Rudin

Heinz Rudin

Sector Responsible
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"Bank customers demand simplicity and time savings. At the same time, new business models offer opportunities to expand market share adapting to rising regulations thanks to digitization. Let's be digitally successful together!"
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Mike Seiler

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