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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality:
En route to the mass market

  • The prototypes are convincing and, according to Gartner's Hype Cycle, the technologies and concepts are ready for use in the real world. How will they be integrated into business?
  • How far down the road to mass application are virtual reality and augmented reality?
  • Should we wait or be one of the progressive companies to lead the way in the world of virtual reality?
  • Should we take the big leap with major investments or back concepts that are just approaching market readiness at an early stage?
Harness the potential of the virtual world
  • Augmented and virtual reality are hot topics and mean real business.
  • Jump in instead of just talking about it. An experience-revolution is about to hit us. Inspire your customers with this new dimension.
  • New applications increase the efficiency of manufacturing units and facilitate the acquisition of skills.
  • Zühlke guides interested customers in the field of AR / VR to the appropriate innovation steps.
  • Zühlke's specialists combine feasibility with a sharp eye on the economic benefits for the customer.
  • Important topics are feasibility studies for ideas and the use of innovative methods such as Stars to Road. Success factors include choosing the right technologies and integrating the corresponding applications and systems in the system landscape.

«Virtual worlds are reaching the mass market. This opens up a wide field of interesting applications.»

Fredrik Gundelsweiler, Consultant Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Workshop: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Zühlke offers workshops in the area of AR / VR. The core content of the workshop: Testing, explaining, classifying, identifying potential: Generating solutions with a "wow" effect. Honing the customer's USP.

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Photo: Mr Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Photo: Mr Daniel Diezi

Daniel Diezi

Business Development Manager
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

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