Zühlke heads into anniversary year with 1,000 employees and record turnover

Schlieren (Zurich), March 26, 2018

With record turnover of 154 million Swiss Francs and having recently passed the 1,000 employee mark, the Zühlke Group is looking to the future with confidence as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

After a successful 2017 financial year, the Zühlke Group is looking to the future with confidence as it approaches its 50th anniversary. The international innovation service provider achieved a 16 percent increase in turnover to 154 million Swiss Francs. In addition, by year end 2017, the number of staff at its 12 global locations had risen to more than 960. The company is set to continue this growth and expansion through 2018. Zühlke Group now already employs more than 1,000 people at a total of 13 locations.

A new location in Hong Kong, which has been established on March 1, 2018, is set to bring further growth. It is the Group’s second location in Asia, after Singapore. According to Zühlke Philipp Sutter CEO of Zühlke Switzerland, “As a key financial hub, Hong Kong offers us great opportunities. The city is also a further gateway to the Asian market, where many of our existing customers already have significant interests.”


Zühlke as key innovation partner

According to Philipp Sutter, one important reason for the company’s growth over the last year is that, for many of its customers, Zühlke has now established itself as a key innovation partner, “We are increasingly carrying out projects of major strategic significance.” The company’s growth is in large part down to the ever advancing tide of digitalisation. “There is ever greater demand for our expertise in multichannel solutions for a sparkling customer experience along the chain of customer experiences, especially by financial service providers, insurance companies and in the industry.” Another growth driver were solutions for digitisation strategies and rapid user testing of innovations using prototypes – whether for connected products, platform solutions or smart data utilisation. “We continue to see high levels of demand in these areas.”

Heading into its anniversary year, Philipp Sutter believes the Zühlke Group is well positioned for the future: 



Over the last year, we have significantly beefed up our expertise in key future technologies such as machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain and mixed reality. We will continue to pursue this strategy in 2018, to ensure that we can continue to be active drivers of digitisation going forward.

– Philipp Sutter, CEO of Zühlke Engineering AG, Switzerland

The company

As a service provider for innovation projects, Zühlke combines business and technology expertise to produce solutions to inspire and enthuse our customers. On behalf of its customers, it develops commercially successful products, services and business models for a digital future – from the initial idea, through implementation, to operation. To achieve this, more than 1,000 experts deploy experience gained over the course of more than 10,000 projects.

The Zühlke Group has local teams on the ground in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Hong Kong, Austria, Serbia and Singapore. In 2017, the company achieved a turnover of 154 million Swiss francs (€138 million, £121 million).