Digital transformation projects continue to drive growth for the Zühlke Group

Zurich, Switzerland – 22 March 2016 

The Zühlke Group, a service provider for innovation projects, today announced results for 2015. It was a successful financial year which saw revenues increase by 5% to GBP 84 million, and the number of employees rise by 4% to 730 compared to 2014. With these results, the group was able to maintain its growth of recent years.

Digital transformation services proved to be particularly popular in 2015. The Zühlke Group had recognized the increasing demand in this sector early and successfully positioned itself as an innovation partner that assists companies with their digitization initiatives from the initial idea through to implementation and operation. During the year there was a particular focus on projects in the areas of industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, data analytics and portal solutions. On account of the growing importance of such connected possibilities for people, machines and the Internet, the interdisciplinary teams of Zühlke were in strong demand. In the equipment and device market sector, Zühlke was especially active in the development of medical devices. The company also enjoyed considerable success in the area of value engineering, which assists clients with reducing their manufacturing costs.

Defying the strong franc in Switzerland

Philipp Sutter, CEO Zühlke Switzerland, reported:

"The whole group performed very well in 2015. We were able to keep growing in Switzerland as well, thanks to the development of new services. We managed to do this despite the market environment being challenging; we noticed that the industrial and medical sectors, in particular, were very cautious because of the abolition of the minimum euro exchange rate."

The Belgrade operation of Zühlke also saw strong growth. The number of employees increased significantly in 2015 and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. As this model has proven the value of cross-border cooperation, Zühlke plans to establish a second development center for hardware engineering and mechatronics later this year. In order to support customers in other locations Zühlke opened two new service centers last year, in Manchester and in Stuttgart.

In the ventures business the Zühlke Group has now been actively financing startups for the past five years, with the companies continuing their development and growth. At the same time, Zühlke continued to expand its expertise and networking opportunities in the field of high-tech innovations. This resulted in the latest addition to the company’s portfolio: “Rent-a-Startup” enables large companies to benefit immediately from the agility and innovative power of entire Zühlke teams and to “import” a startup mentality from outside the organization.

Good prospects for 2016

Zühlke believes that the current investments in digital transformation will continue to increase in every sector. Therefore, the demand for services of Zühlke that enables increasing shifts to doing business online will grow in tandem. In the coming months, Zühlke will give particular attention to the topic of "Customer Experience". "The end user experience is becoming a decisive success factor. We have already achieved a lot in this area, but we still want to expand our expertise much further," says Philipp Sutter. Zühlke will also continue to invest in the provision of services in the field of digitization and will develop platforms that allow a more rapid implementation of connected solutions.


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About the Zühlke Group
Zühlke is a service provider for innovation projects. By combining both business and technology expertise, we create solutions that satisfy our customers. We develop financially successful products, services and business models for today’s digital world – from coming up with the initial idea through to the implementation and operation. We can achieve this by drawing on the experience of over 730 in-house experts and of more than 8,000 successful projects. We have local teams in Austria, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 2015, Zühlke generated GBP 84 million in revenue.