Zühlke establishes a new company in Bulgaria

The Zühlke Group is driving forward its strategy of internationalisation. On 11 May, Zuhlke Engineering EOOD was established in Bulgaria. This means that Zühlke now has a presence at 14 different locations in eight countries on two continents. After Hong Kong, it is also the second new company to be set up this year.

The latest addition to the Zühlke Group is located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The aim of this office is to tap into new growth potential in this EU country and to act as a centre of competence for distributed development for the other companies in the Zühlke Group. "This is a city with a lot of talent, and our way of working enjoys great acceptance here," says Christian Heger, who is in charge of setting up the company.

With this venture, Zühlke wants to continue the success story it started when it established a company in the Serbian capital Belgrade. The office there was set up in 2013 and has since become a central pillar of the entire Group in terms of distributed software development. There is now a lively interaction between Belgrade and the other Zühlke offices. "The Belgrade office, with its 100 skilled colleagues, is the role model – that is where we would like to be in four years," says Heger regarding the success story in Belgrade.

About Zühlke

As a service provider for innovation projects, Zühlke combines business and technology expertise to create solutions that inspire its customers. The company develops commercially successful products, services and business models for the digital future – from the initial concept to implementation and operation. At Zühlke, more than 1'000 experts with experience from over 10'000 projects are committed to enable clients to achieve breakthroughs in their markets.

The Zühlke Group has a presence with local teams in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Austria, Serbia, Singapore and now also Bulgaria. In 2017, the company generated sales of CHF 154 million (EUR 138 million).