Should physicians guide digital investments? Sure.

How technology is driving socially responsible innovation in the healthcare sector while staying focused on what matters most: people.

Intelligent Health 2019, which is returning to Basel in mid-September, offers a forum to address the opportunities and challenges presented by digitalisation in medicine. It is also the perfect occasion to discuss the role of patients, medical professionals, and trust in healthcare. 

Many patients still have doubts about the digital processing and storage of their medical data, with concerns about doctor-patient confidentiality, privacy, ethics, and safety. Studies* conducted by Patient View have shown that only a small percentage of patients are willing to share their data with pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. 

One goal is therefore to increase patient trust in both new information technologies and manufacturers themselves. But for this to happen, companies have to take a sincere, thorough interest in the needs and wants of their consumers, or patients. 

Augmented Intelligence for better health outcomes

Gaining the long-term trust of patients in digital medical solutions requires managing expectations pragmatically and ensuring transparency. At this point of time, we should not claim or imply that AI, smart data or similar technologies will replace doctors who possess expertise and a capacity for human empathy. Doctors will continue to play a central role in the patient’s journey and provide emotional support.

That’s why we talk about Augmented Intelligence: The benefits of artificial intelligence complement human qualities and capabilities in order to achieve better health outcomes for patients. Augmented intelligence reduces the incidence of misdiagnosis and offers more useful insights – quickly, accurately, easily and without losing the human element. 

Design for humans, engage with human beings.

We integrate doctors and consumers into the process at an early stage and throughout the entire value chain, regardless of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical devices companies involved in each specific area.

We are a service provider focusing on innovative projects to offer medical professionals better ways to communicate with patients and offer holistic diagnoses. This in turn improves interaction between medical professionals and patients. 

Everything revolves around the doctor and patient – and not the technology. Nevertheless, we believe that technology is the key to building better doctor-patient relationships, which is why we have adopted the lean start-up method for our innovative projects: quick, agile, and low-risk. Creating a space for highly focused work and effective innovation soon brings competitive advantages within reach. This enables us to identify the needs of stakeholders early on and intervene if we have to, eliminating time-consuming, costly processes. 


Come and meet us on 11 and 12 September in Basel at the WORLD’S LEADING AI IN MEDICINE SUMMIT and find out more about our personalised treatment planning for ADHD patients using ML. 

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*(on behalf of Deloitte) and KMPG

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