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Requirements Engineering Advanced Level - Elicitation and Consolidation

Certification course for the qualification of IREB “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Advanced Level, Elicitation and Consolidation”

Certification course (D10085)

The course content is based on the IREB teaching plan for the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering –Requirements Modelling Advanced Level”.

The focus is set on acquiring and developing advanced requirements engineering topics in the area of: requirements sources, elicitation techniques, consolidation techniques and communication. In addition to the theoretical foundations, the course places great emphasis on practical exercises. Hence, practical components account for roughly half the course timetable.

The certification itself consists of two parts and is optional. Participation requires independent preparation prior to the course. The written examination, which is the first part of the certification, is held during the afternoon of the third day. The second part of the certification involves the implementation of the taught course content in the form of a practical assignment. This part is not included in the actual course and is conducted by an independent examiner.

Certification Authorities
Switzerland: Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ)
International: International Software Quality Institute (iSQI)


Course participants will expand their knowledge of requirements elicitation and consolidation. Some of this knowledge will be consolidated by practical exercises.

Consequently, participants will be able to select the appropriate approach for a project situation and apply the most effective techniques. They will also be able to mediate in simple conflict situations in the field of requirements elicitation and to discover and highlight communication disorder.

Target group

The course is aimed at participants who already have theoretical knowledge and practical experience of Requirements Engineering.

Candidates for the CPRE Advanced Level module examination must already have received the "IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level" certificate.

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