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UX and Innovation

Hands-on Design Thinking

Understanding customer needs. Developing creative approaches. Adopting a consistent customer focus.

New (D10193)

Design Thinking is this year’s buzz phrase. But what does it actually mean? Design Thinking is a tried and tested process for progressing from a rough general approach to a product or service the end customer will love. The process involves consistently focusing on user needs through iterative creativity and test phases, and enables development of solutions that generate real enthusiasm amongst users.

The course provides participants with a brief overview of the theory, before splitting into groups to put into practice the five steps of Design Thinking in tackling a specific task:

  • Empathize: identifying and understanding customer needs
  • Define: adapting the original question in light of the insights gained
  • Ideate: using creativity techniques to think up concepts for customer solutions
  • Prototype: transforming these ideas into something tangible
  • Test: testing assumptions and ideas on end customers

The course consists primarily of interactive practical application of Design Thinking elements, including testing assumptions and prototypes on non-group members. All results will be documented in a photo log, which will be provided to the participants afterwards.


Participants will get a sense of what Design Thinking is and of how individual aspects of Design Thinking feel in practice.

Target group

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to adopt a consistent focus on customer needs and customer benefit and to develop successful products in an innovation-led environment.

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