UX and Innovation

Design For Developers

Talk to designers from a basis of mutual understanding. Learn basic design skills. Using and developing designs.


The understanding between the development and design teams is a key factor in ensuring a top notch website, app or software user experience. Minor and less minor misunderstandings are a constant headache.

Our course helps you to better understand the principles of design. No particular design talent is required. We focus on the 90% of this topic which can be mastered without any talent.

Design comes from doing. We will therefore practice as much as possible, ideally with whichever tool you are most familiar with.


The design knowledge you acquire will help you talk with designers from a base of mutual understanding. Participants will learn to use and develop designs, helping to facilitate a smoother collaboration between designers and developers.

Target group

Developers, UI developers, web developers, business analysts, project managers and anyone else who wants to improve their input into the design and how they collaborate with design specialists.

Scheduling Overview