Thanks to our close cooperation with leading business partners and universities, we always offer the latest expertise based on practical experience. A number of our courses can be found at

Bern University of Applied Sciencies - Departement of Engineering and Information Technlology, Software-Schule Schweiz
The Software-Schule Schweiz is part of the department of engineering and information technology at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Zühlke and the BFH run several CAS courses a year in the fields of Requirements Engineering and Cloud Computing.

Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil Zühlke conducts courses for the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Software Engineering and the MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID) at the HSR.

International Requirements Engineering Board
International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) The IREB consists of independent and internationally recognised experts from the worlds of industry, consulting, research and education and issues the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” certificate. Zühlke is an IREB certified provider of training and contributed to the design of the international curriculum for the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE FL)” certificate.

Lightbend is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Lightbend Reactive Platform, developers can create message-driven applications that scale on multicore and cloud computing architectures by using projects like Lagom, Play Framework, Akka, Scala, Java, and Apache Spark. 

Scaled Agile, Inc.
Scaled Agile, Inc. is a product, training, certification and professional services firm that helps companies scale adoption of Lean|Agile software development throughout the enterprise using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)®. Zühlke is Certified Partner and the first Swiss provider of the SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification and Leading SAFe training. As a partner of, Zühlke developed the Java edition of the worldwide offered Professional Scrum Developer training. We run all Scrum courses with trainers and train other education providers to become Professional Scrum Developer trainers.

Swiss Association for Quality
Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) The SAQ is a neutral and independent certification body that provides certification of persons in a wide range of areas. With regard to Zühlke, it verifies and approves the certification tests for the IREB (Requirements Engineering) and the UXQB (User Experience). Such certificates are important qualifications in the area of advanced professional training.

International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board

The UXQB (International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board) is an international consortium of usability and user experience experts. Zühlke is a recognized UXQB training provider and offers public and corporate training as preparation for the certification exam.