Automate ATMP and LabTech processes

Automate ATMP and LabTech processes in a Build-Measure-Learn setup with sterile disposable

Companies involved in markets with biological backgrounds such as ATMP, LabTech or IVD often suffer from high clean-room costs or non-deterministic results because of the high dependency of their processes on experienced operators and lab technicians.

Automatization is costly and complicated because of the high complexity and the interdisciplinary nature of the process control. Sophisticated and sterile disposable prototypes or smart container solutions help to quickly put the automation ideas to test and to dramatically reduce clean-room space and costs.

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What we can do for you right now:

  • Discovery: something to elaborate a business model / rough concept (e.g.: Discovery Workshop) – risk based
  • Alpha: Build Functional model to evaluate basic mechanical and biological concepts
  • Beta: Build optimized and scalable process automation and disposables

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