Accelerate time-to market

Accelerate time-to market with agile and compliant development processes

Modern problems require modern solutions – and modern solutions need to be user-centered, fast and reliable. To fulfill these requirements, compliant agile processes for development of medical devices and production systems are needed.

Customize your processes within the scope of the MDR / IEC 62304 / 21 CFR 820 and guarantee a faster time-to-market while iteratively incorporating all users into the development process.

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What we can do for you right now:

  • Agile Device Development: Put your ideas to test early with your user groups as we iteratively develop your product while being compliant with medical regulations. Move faster and ensure fast feedback with the proven agile Zuehlke process
  • Agile Development Coaching: Learn from our experience as our process experts review your development processes and provide inputs and feedback for improvements and for a leaner compliance.

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