Zuhlke supports Hack Manchester 2016

5 October 2016
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Zuhlke is happy to support this year’s Hack Manchester event, a 24-hour coding competition hosted at MOSI, and a part of the Manchester Science Festival.

We will be providing mentors to support and encourage the teams working on the challenges. Software engineers and consultants from our London and Manchester offices will be on site Throughout the competition. They include:

eabi_profile_colour Eadred Birchenough

Eadred has been a software developer and team lead for over 12 years and is proud to be a member of Zuhlke’s growing Manchester team. Likes strong typing and stronger coffee.


 Christopher Burdett Smith Whitting

Christopher has been developing software professionally for the past 5 years. He is an active member of Zuhlke’s IoT and Embedded delivery team, where he specialises in embedded devices.


Zuhlke Square Tim Cianchi

Tim has had leading roles in the delivery of software solutions and consulting for over 35 years. He has been at Zuhlke for 11 years and now heads the UK Competence Centre.


16_09_zuhlke_alison_mcgreavy-9681 Alison McGreavy

Alison has been working in IT for the past 18 years as a developer, team lead and manager. She founded and co-leads the Manchester Java Community and is a member of Zuhlke’s Manchester team.


jahe_profile_colour Jan Herkelrath

Originally from Germany, where he received degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration, Jan moved to the UK in order to study Computer Science at University College London.
He since had the opportunity to work for Zuhlke as a Software Engineer on a variety of different projects.


mikehogg Mike Hogg

Mike has been developing, leading and managing software deliveries for over 20 years including connected devices, industrial, medical, cloud and enterprise systems. He runs Zuhlke Engineering’s Internet of Things delivery team.


16_09_zuhlke_phillip_hudson-9666 Phil Hudson

A Natural Sciences graduate of the University of Cambridge, Phil has nearly 15 years experience as a Java developer and SQL Server DBA, and first became interesting in coding during the home computer boom of the 1980’s. Having worked with an IBM preferred partner as Senior Consultant recently, Phil is now Zuhlke’s Technical Lead for a major UK insurance and pensions company.


16_09_zuhlke_manoj_kurien-9503 Manoj Kurien

Manoj mostly spent his school days playing football and reading fantasy fiction. He grew up living in both Kerala (the southern-most state in India) and in Brunei, a tiny country on the island of Borneo in South-East Asia. He came to the UK to study Engineering at Cambridge and now works for Zuhlke in London.


joro-3 Jonathan Rothwell

Jonathan has been making things light up and go “beep” since childhood. Having earned his CS degree at Queen Mary, University of London, he now does this professionally as a Software Engineer at Zuhlke, and works primarily on web apps with Java back-ends.


16_09_zuhlke_paul_simmons-9816 Paul Simmons

Paul is a technical leader with a focus on the delivery of practical business value. He’s endlessly fascinated by how we as intelligent engineers organise ourselves to create something as abstract as software. Many of his personal interests derive from a love for aesthetic design; select from photography, classic cars, hi-fi or gardening.

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