Zuhlke Camp UK 2017

First day at the new job

4 October 2017
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Gergely, 24, knows Zuhlke Engineering well. Three years ago he joined as a student intern, and later for his industrial placement. After finishing his Master in Electronic and Information Engineering, he starts his career as a developer at the London office. His first working day was quite unusual, because it was at the Zuhlke Camp 2017.

Did you look forward to Zuhlke Camp?

Yes, I was looking forward to see everyone again, and to start working of course. Four years of university were enough. I have been to Zuhlke before, but many new colleagues joined. It was a good opportunity to get to know them as well as to see my old co-workers again.

Gergely at Zuhlke Camp UK 2017. (Zuhlke)

How did you enjoy this year`s camp?

The event was awesome. I learnt a lot about technical issues and project management. We had Kent Beck as a guest speaker. He is the inventor of TDD and holds a senior position at Facebook. He is a really cool guy. Camp was an awesome opportunity to get to know all the new people. Over 20 engineers joined since I finished my industrial placement a year ago.

Did you have fond memories of the last camp?

Yes, I was still an intern and it was my birthday. A group of us went to this fancy bar at the top of the TV Tower in Prague. The bar was pretty packed and we did not get a table there to sit down and celebrate my birthday. We saw our management team at one of the tables while looking around. We said Hello and explained why we were up here. Without any second thought the management team offered us their table. Pretty cool. Great that no one pulls ranks at Zuhlke.

“Camp was an awesome opportunity to get to know all the new people.”

Do you have any advice for a first-timer at Zuhlke camp?

Yes! Attend as many talks as you can, even though they are optional. You can learn a lot about interesting topics from our internal and external experts. In addition, camp is a great place to get to know not only your colleagues but also your managers in an informal setting.

 Why did you choose Zuhlke as an employer?

There are many reasons. Probably the most noteworthy is that people are some of the best in their fields whom I can learn from, and they come from many different nations. Also, the projects are varied, interesting and innovative. One week you could be working on an in-house computer vision algorithm, and on the next, be designing a security system for a Fortune 500 company.

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