You can decide to become agile overnight

9 April 2019
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Agile is something else than just adopting this or that framework. I feel that in many cases the two get mixed up leading to limited benefits and sometimes even a lot of frustration. Agile is really about continuous adaption to a complex and changing environment.

This requires a clear commitment of all to run experiments on both the product and the organization level. For both you need to define experiments with new ideas, test the hypothesis in the real world, operationalize the one that achieves the expected benefits whilst testing the next lot.

Leaders become catalysts of change

This requires leaders at both levels to challenge the status quo and act as catalysts of change. They need to help surface ideas, identify experiments and foster learning to move the organisation and the products towards a vision. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Less and co can help you there as long as you do not see them as religions that need to be followed but collaboration forms to enable the learning.

In that sense you can decide to become Agile overnight by having everyone commit to continuous experimentation and start. This is not a transformation with a start and an end state, but a new operating philosophy.

Evolution becomes continuous and ubiquitous

There really is no transient state, once you make the decision, the knowledge based evolution becomes continuous and ubiquitous for ever, starting from where you are. Assume that all structures you create will persist until a better idea is tested and replaces them, not till the end of a Transformation project that delivers a new permanent state.

Our experts can help you kick start your journey and accompany you in the first steps of the way. Contact us now to discuss your needs and get going tomorrow.

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