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20 September 2017
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In June version 4.5 of the Scaled Agile Framework, better known as SAFe, was released. Among other things, it extends the familiar terminology with new terms. Especially for people who are new to SAFe, the specific vocabulary can be confusing at the beginning: What exactly distinguishes an agile Release Train from a Solution Train? Who is responsible for the content in the team? And who in the Program?

We have therefore created a terminology cheat sheet that classifies and explains the most important terms in relation to their respective layer. The overview makes it easier for those who are new to an agile organization to get started. It is also useful for companies that want to immerse themselves in agility.

SAFe Terminology Cheat Sheet

Download the full Cheat Sheet here (PDF).

Detail of the terminology Cheat Sheet.

Detail of the terminology Cheat Sheet. (Zühlke)

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Beatritsche Malova

20 September 2017 at 13:03

Thank you! Very useful.


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