Inside Academy: Ákos Péteri on the Professional Scrum Developer (Java) course

30 September 2013
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Inside Academy is a chance for course participants and lecturers to have their say, tell us what they thought of our courses and give us some critical feedback.

The first two interviews were conducted following the July 2013 Professional Scrum Developer (Java) (PSD.Java) course, held in Schlieren. We start with course participant Ákos Péteri, senior consultant at Lucerne-based IT consultancy Prime Force.

Ákos, what is your role at Prime Force?
I work as a senior consultant in the software development area. My main role is implementing Java, Adobe CQ5 and Liferay-based enterprise content management systems. I provide clients with on-site design, architecture, implementation and testing assistance.

How did you hear about the PSD.Java course?
I have long been interested in agile processes and Scrum and have many years of experience with other processes, such as RUP and Waterfall. The first time I worked with Scrum, I thought, “Yeah, this process is uncomplicated, keeps both the team and client fully in the loop and brings out the best skills from each of the various team members.” After that, I was keen to be involved in a Java development project in which the team uses the Scrum process exactly as specified to carry out the development work. This would allow me to expand and apply my Scrum experience.

How did you find the course?
It met my expectations. I learnt how a Java project can be carried out in accordance with the Scrum specification. I was able to study our team and observe how we set ourselves up and worked as a Scrum team. I gained a lot of ideas for best practice procedures.

It was great that the course was led by Daniel Tobler. He was very well prepared and created a good atmosphere – which is probably not that easy when a sprint expires without a demonstration-ready increment. He talked us through interesting real-life examples and played Scrum roles realistically. As the CEO, he really put us under pressure, even though we knew that what actually mattered was getting the product owner onside. So once again, thank you Dani!

Further information on the course:

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