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11 October 2017
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Arturo worked as a freelancer before he started at Zuhlke Engineering. He studied at Universidad de Alicante in Spain. After graduating, he has taken over many roles in more than 20 years in the business. 

What do you miss as a Spaniard here in London?

I think what I miss the most is the Mediterranean way of life. It is to me a blend of different things: the weather, the light, a more laid back approach to life. This is obviously enabled by the weather but there is a cultural component to it as well.

Arturo, Senior Project Manager, in our London office. (Zuhlke)

You worked for a consultancy and had a long spell at an important newspaper. At one point in your career, you decided to become a freelancer.

I started to work as a freelancer because I found a really interesting project. It was about participating in the next generation risk and compliance platform implementation for HMRC, the UK tax agency. It is supposed to be one of the biggest big data implementations in Europe.

What happened?

Unfortunately, they decided to run this project from Manchester. That would not work for me. This was when I came across Zuhlke. I found that I could fit in well and contribute to deliver interesting technical projects.

Was it easy for you to adapt to a permanent position?

I did not have much of a problem as I worked just six months as a freelancer. I don’t think there is too much of a difference: At the end of the day one needs to deliver. The fact that Zuhlke is a consultancy makes things quite similar. Being a freelancer means, you are a one-person consultancy.

“At Zuhlke you have phenomenally talented colleagues”

Can you recommend the step you took?

Yes, because Zuhlke is a very special organisation with challenging Projects. Having the ability to achieve these results in a big, complex organization, which is involved in a big radical digital transformation, is not to be dismissed. Being very curious myself about too many things, the interdisciplinary character of the organisation was a strong attractor. I was quite impressed by many endeavours.

Especially which ones?

For example the laser device for an eye surgery project. It is an innovative use of technology and really mission critical. And the Liebherr construction machinery monitoring because of the integration of many different technologies.

What is the main difference being a freelancer?

When you finish a project, you might not have a new one. In addition, you are a bit more alone. You do not have any colleagues. At the end of the day, this brings you a lot of value. At Zuhlke you have phenomenally talented colleagues who are going to stand by you, challenge you, and ask for your help. The important factor, rather than the legal form of your employment, is to put yourself in a situation where you can deliver value, keep learning and create meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

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