FirefoxOS App Day Switzerland

15 May 2013
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At May 25 2013 Zühlke hosts the first FirefoxOS App Day Switzerland in Schlieren. As a member of the Mozilla community Switzerland I’m excited to see my employer support Mozilla and the Open Web.

At the App Days Mozilla promotes its new mobile operating system FirefoxOS among the web developer community. Gaia, the User Interface of FirefoxOS, entierly written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript should pave way for HTML5 on mobile devices.

For Zühlke and myself it’s a pleasure to support Mozilla and the Open Web by hosting this innovative event. Please consider the full agenda.

A mobile web app day

The event is focused on mobile web apps running on FirefoxOS (and other HTML5 capable mobiles). The day starts at 9 o’clock with an introduction into developing for FirefoxOS. Four talks about the technology stack, its APIs and the FirefoxOS ecosystem in general provide a jump start for web developers.

After lunch we start creating apps for FirefoxOS. Web developers can bring a laptop to create a new app or enable an existing web application for FirefoxOS. We are looking forward to all kind of apps. The speakers of the morning talks assist and support participants to learn and create.

Developers can submit their apps for an inspiring demo at the end of the event. Fortunatly Zühlke donated a seat in a course about UI or usability engineering at the Zühlke Academy. Big thanks! This generous donation will hence be used to award one of the submitted apps at the end of the day.

Touch it – FirefoxOS Devices

Keon unboxed - FirefoxOS Developer Preview after delivery

The FirefoxOS simulator shipped with the desktop browser is a nice tool to efficiently develop for FirefoxOS. But to find the real truth, an application must run on a real device. Luckily Geeksphone released two developer preview devices recently. After the announcement their servers have been slashdotted – devices were sold out within minutes. Luckely there are several participants of the App Day Switzerland among these privileged owners of such a phone. So if you want to touch a FirefoxOS device – join us and register for the App Day. We’re looking forward to meet you.

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