Diversity and Balance in Software development Teams

7 August 2017
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What kind of people are most suited to be software developers, or work in IT more generally? How should we staff our teams? Questions of diversity and balance flare up regularly in our industry.

Zuhlke has found that good software developers can come from any imaginable background. We have not seen that the potential or desire to be a great programmer is limited by any other innate characteristics that a person might, or might not, have.

We have found that diverse teams are more effective, more resilient, and better to work in than teams which tend towards monoculture. We find that our colleagues, our business, and our clients all benefit from diversities amongst our co-workers, such as:  gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and age.

We know we have to improve the diversity of our teams and the balance of representation amongst our colleagues. We do not want to miss out on the contribution of a potential colleague merely because they are in some way different from the rest of our people. There’s no excuse for wasting talent.

Zuhlke welcomes, and will continue to welcome, new colleagues into all roles, including the most technical, from any and all backgrounds.

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