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A Plugin for Atlassian Jira – Accelerate the Cycle

12 December 2000
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Speeding up Plugin Testing

In order to avoid the need to re-start the entire application server for each integration test cycle, I developed a plugin for Jira 7 that allows the old FastDev test console to be used with the new QuickReload feature. This is based on a suggestion from Christophe Merlotti.

Just insert the following under the existing pluginArtifact in the POM:


The artifact is now in Maven Central. To use it, simply start the application server using atlas-run or atlas-debug and point your browser at http://localhost:2990/jira/plugins/servlet/it-test-console. Note that this supports plugin (wired) tests only; the unit tests should be run from the command line using atlas-package or equivalent, or from within your IDE.

Atlassian Plugin Test Console after wired tests have run


All source code developed in the course of this workshop can be found under https://github.com/zuhlke/example-jira-plugin.

Resources you may find useful include:

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