About us

Empowering ideas

We believe innovation requires an entrepreneurial mindset combined with the courage to push boundaries and break new ground. Zühlke is here to help you transform your vision from a smart idea into a resounding market success.

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Impressions from one of our yearly educational Camps: a true learning organization.

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Only a company that never ceases to evolve can increase added value.

Our promise: as a strong solutions partner, we contribute our expertise across domains, and take responsibility for the success of your projects. This calls for innovation - we need to push the boundaries and break new ground. This requires:

Smart ideas.
We will help you to identify, develop, and test new ideas. With us as your partner, you can progress quickly and reliably outside of traditional ways of working.

Expertise across domains.
We know relevant trends and success factors from many domains and identify with you how they can be applied to your offering, organization, and processes.

In depth experience.
When going off-road, it's safest to have plenty of experience on board. We have gained this through more than 10.000 projects over the last 45 years in the fields of software and product development.

Interdisciplinary teams.
At Zühlke, we have the professional capabilities crucial to success. Combining these enables us to create new solutions that enhances our client’s business.

Tried and trusted competence in implementation.
We help you transform your ideas into action. Together we will break down the boundaries of industries and disciplines and, as a result, find solutions that get the most out of an idea's potential.

Ongoing involvement.
Work doesn’t stop once the idea is delivered. We stay involved and support the innovation throughout its lifecycle.

A passionate team player.
Every Zühlke professional brings to their work commitment, trust, open sharing of knowledge, and visible enthusiasm for the project. In all our activities, we are guided by just one goal - to make our customers successful.

Our Values

We are deeply committed to our values. They are reflected in our daily work, in the expectations we have for our projects, and in the way we collaborate with each other. Courage, customer success, outstanding performance, and integrity make up our common denominator, with a lasting impact on our teams.

Curiosity triggers our innovative ideas. We constantly challenge the status quo and break new ground. That’s how we move our customers’ projects forward. At the same time, we know that failures can improve our learning curve. They make us smarter and stronger, and ultimately help broaden our horizon. What does it take to work like this? Courage.

Listening comes before acting. We must thoroughly understand our customers’ challenges if we are to develop the right solutions for them. Solutions that create new opportunities and give our customers an edge over their competitors. As a result, both our customers and their end users profit from our work – as do we as a company. What do we aim to achieve each day?  Customer success.


Great performance is key to keeping our customer promise. We enjoy performing well and achieving extraordinary results. That is how we inspire our customers and each other. Our work gains another level with our cross-functional teams because connected expertise results in even better solutions. We invest heavily in our employees to help them achieve top performance – and beat their own records – so that we can carry our successes into the future. Our top priority? Outstanding performance.

Our customers trust us because we are a reliable partner to them, because we keep our promises, and because we take responsibility for their success. That drives their own business as much as that of their clients. This kind of trust is the basis for the long-term partnerships that we build along the entire value chain. We treat each other as equals and create close-knit teams, both as Zühlke employees and together with our customers. The core of trust and teamwork? Integrity.