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Zühlke accompanies companies in the modernization of their business software and helps to get rid of legacies and to bring central software functionalities into a new context. Efficient, safe and in line with a modern IT landscape.

From concept to implementation

Many companies run their core business processes based on outdated, critical enterprise software. But old software tools can quickly lead to growing risks, costs and competitive disadvantages. Furthermore, pressure from new legal framework conditions and the increasing pressure for innovation rises. As a result, rapid and efficient software modernization is meanwhile becoming of strategic importance to domestic companies too.

As a software application, a legacy system is usually integrated into an entrepreneurial system landscape in the form of an individual development. Used for many years or decades,  these systems incorporate the company's accumulated expertise and provide a valuable investment backbone for the company`s day-to-day work. Modernizing an existing IT system means going through a transformation. This can be done in several small or one big step. Large migration projects often involve a change of platforms, runtime environments, and programming languages.

We at Zühlke Engineering support our customers competently and precisely in the software modernization process - from conception to implementation:

1. Vision & Scope

During the analysis phase we collect a comprehensive overiew while dealing in detail with the objectives of your modernization project, the temporal, organizational and budgetary constraints.

2. Evaluate & Prototype

System upgrades often chagen a system or software architecture. We help you to design the target architectures based on your requirements and develop a path through which your legacy system can be transferred gradually and trouble-free.

3. Model & Build

We develop your new algorithms and software architectures based on statistics, optimization processes and modern machine learning methods and appropriate modern IT architecture - tailor-made for your individual task.

4. Operate & Expand

Our increased test coverage and automation of testing ensure shorter development cycles and prevent regression errors. In addition, improved modularization of legacy software enables gradual modernization and ensures optimized testability.


Data analysis including competitive advantage

«Our offer»

  • Analysis: from technical analysis to user-centered usabilty engineering techniques
  • Conception: new system and software architectures as well as established method reviews
  • Implementation: from a proof-of-concept to the technical implementation


«Your benefit»

  • Cost: what starts as a nondescript legacy problem can quickly lead to significant costs. Here we intervene on time and work absolutely cost-effectively and transparently ourselves.
  • Risk: Outdated system and software architectures pose a significant risk, especially if the core business depends on it. Our experts are not only among the best engineers in the country, but also among the top consultants. Thus, we can quickly reduce your software risk.
  • Flexibility: In order to be competitive in today's market, business processes must run smoothly - also in the software area. Legacy systems are often a dangerous obstacle and unable to cope with the flexibility required.
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