Internet of Things

Connecting data and things

Internet-of-Things solutions bring competitive advantages in B2B or B2C markets. As an innovation partner for networked business solutions, Zühlke Engineering Austria covers all IoT-relevant disciplines: from business consulting to mechanical or electronic development, via cloud backends to mobile apps.

We create value with sensors

Each physical object can be part of the digital world based on low technology prices and great advances in mobile and cloud technologies. On the way to profitable IoT-business models, two points are relevant for many industries: the right questions and the way to the desired results.


The value chain of our IoT solution consists of five elements:

  1. physical product    
  2. sensors    
  3. connectivity technologies    
  4. cloud backend for analytics    
  5. digital services

Added value is generated by the intelligent aggregation of data, for example, by using a light bulb via an app as an alarm system - thanks to the analysis of lighting data.



Our offerings

«Ask the right questions»

  • What new or obvious business model is possible with IoT in our industry?
  • Where can IoT optimize processes in the distributed value chain?
  • How can our company open IoT solutions for other companies?

«Our answers»

  • Development of business models using Business Model Patterns
  • Methodical innovation with "Stars 2 Road" 
  • Product and software development for device connectivity, cloud technologies, analytics, portals and apps
  • Operation and maintenance of IoT solutions


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