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Capture Value from Experiences

New framework conditions are constantly changing our behavior. The need for unique experiences is the constant. Enthusiastic customer experiences are not a random product, but a question of the innovative ability of your company. Eliminate pain points, invest in the dreams of your customers and secure competitive advantages in dynamic markets.

Experience innovation

If you want to be successful on the market with future-oriented products, services and business ideas, you can not rely solely on the old traditions. If you want to promote innovation, you have to take a look at changes in perspectives, question past beliefs and experiences, and still be able to reflect on your own core competences and strengths. This is exactly what modern innovation management has to do, which is what makes innovation come to life. Zühlke Austria offers you experience innovation at all levels. Whether in the adventure chain, in the User Journey or during the user flow, use the potential of the virtual world with us.


User Experience
How do we inspire the customer at all the contact points along his journey (e.g., air travel), so he actively rewards the company (e.g. airline)?


User Journey
How do we inspire customers (for example, business travelers) in the appropriate context by interacting with a product or service (e.g., smartphone app)?


User Flow
How do we optimize the user guidance so that the customer has achieved his or her goal (e.g., Mobile Check In) effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily?

Use the potential of the virtual world

«Our offer»

  • User Experience
    • User Research: Contextual Inquiry, Personnel Development, User Journey
    • Evaluation: Usability Test, Walkthrough, Expert Review
    • Concept: Sketching and storyboarding, scenario development, wireframes, prototyping, visual design
  • Augmented Reality (VR/MR)
    • Consulting: Zühlke leads interested customers in the subject AR / VR / MR to the appropriate innovation steps
    • Analysis: Feasibility analyzes for ideas as well as the use of innovation methods are our strength
    • Implementation: Zühlke is the first certified software developer for HoloLens 3D data glasses. Professional competency looks exactly like this
  • Customer Experience
    • We analyze the Customer Journey, raise customer insights and identify potential for innovation in the Customer Experience.

«Your benefits»

  • User Experience
    • Early evaluation and error detection in applications
    • Customized solutions for users and tasks
    • Completely optimized interface for a lasting user experience
  • Augmented Reality (VR/MR)
    • New AR / VR / MR applications increase the efficiency of production operations and facilitate the acquisition of skills
    • Competitive advantage through the right choice of suitable technologies and integration of the corresponding applications into the system landscape
    • Reduction of service and maintenance costs thanks to VR / AR / MR applications
  • Customer Experience
    • Develop new business models in the service area thanks to Customer Experience
    • Secure customer satisfaction not only through customer loyalty, but also through market growth

Our offer, your benefits

Find out more about our offers and success stories in the area of Experience Innovation.

  • User Experience

    Lernen Sie Ihre Nutzer und deren wahre Bedürfnisse kennen. Schaffen Sie so eine solide Grundlage für herausragende Nutzererlebnisse. Ob Mitarbeitende,

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality eröffnet Ihren Mitarbeitern den Zugang zu realistischen Visualisierungen und kontextabhängigen Information, genau dort, wo man sie b

  • Customer Experience

    Innovationskompetenz und strategischer Kundenfokus sind Zutaten für den Erfolg in der Experience Economy. Zühlke entwickelt mit Ihnen begeisternde Kun

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