Distributed Development

Innovative across all borders

As engineering specialists with great international experience, we are able to capture all aspects of an organization, culture and process maturity. The result is pragmatic and cost-efficient solutions that inspire our customers. The economic location of Vienna is an ideal hub in the heart of Europe.

Achieve the greatest possible market efficiency

The need for greater customer proximity, the cost pressure or the integration of development capacities of a fusion partner: The reasons for the global distribution of development activities are as diverse as the challenges of international cooperation are. On the one hand the organization must be set up in such a way that the greatest possible market efficiency is achieved. On the other hand, mechanisms have to be established which can be used to continually optimize cooperation across country and cultural boundaries.

International cooperation is not a self-seller

We support companies in the planning, construction and optimization of cross-country research and development:

In order to a succesful cooperation with partners and organizational units in other countries companies must:

  • find partners in other countries and establish cooperation in other legal systems.
  • decide strategically on which tasks and development processes have to be resolved at the head office and which are solved at the locations. This is the only way to efficiently distribute the tasks.
  • With structured mechanisms ensure that each location can play its strengths optimally.
  • To address issues of concern between different cultures so that cooperation is not blocked.

Globally successful with Zühlke Engineering Austria

We know the success factors of cross-border cooperation from numerous worldwide projects and our own nearshoring experiences.

As the third largest IT location in Europe, Vienna is the ideal starting point for your distributed development project. From here we work closely with our global subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Singapore and Serbia - and thus create the best possible project management.

«What we offer»

  • Strategy: We advise your management in the development of a suitable location, nearshoring or outsourcing strategy for the implementation of the development roadmap.
  • Organization: We support your company in redesigning or optimizing your organization and processes, help establish mechanisms for cooperation and enable cultural change with a professional change management.
  • Implementation: You want quality and cost-efficiency from a single source? We take over the project implementation for you. Thanks to our close cooperation with our branches throughout Europe, we are able to achieve maximum customer satisfaction without surprises.



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