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Zühlke Ventures

The summit in sight with Zühlke Ventures

Zühlke Ventures support high-tech start-ups from early stage to exit. We finance ideas that hit the nerve of the market. We evaluate carefully before acting, fully aware that there are no guarantees. Our goals are to recognize potential, get involved early, limit threats and accept reasonable risks. The many assets we provide include sound financing, a wealth of management and technology experience, and our strong network.

A safe ascent for start-ups

Zühlke Ventures pool, channel and transform strengths. As investors we deal with start-ups as equals: We provide support but also have high expectations, we accompany founders flexibly from strategy to product development to market entry. As active partners, we assist management directly and honestly. We turn outstanding ideas into marketable products.

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With the management team of Zühlke Ventures we found motivated partners, whose interest went beyond the mere financing of our start-up. The success of our partnership is, to a large extent, due to the considerable commitment of these people.

– Dr. Josef X. Brunner, CEO Swisstom

A clear perspective for investors

Zühlke Ventures offer investors access to innovative high-tech start-ups and promising new technologies. As an experienced investor in technology, we are adept at calculating risks realistically. We only back projects that we can fully understand and quantify. As competent sparring partners, we are tightly focussed on accelerating company development and reducing time to market.


Zühlke Ventures are distinguished by their professional and intensive support, both for start-ups and co-investors. Their valuable network and consistent exit strategy are crucial factors for us co-investors in making our partnership successful.

– Markus Dutly, Managing Director CADFEM