Success Story

Click! Shutters up, heating on.

RWE SmartHome can help you to save energy by controlling household devices, heating and lights while you are at home or out and about. Occupants can quickly and easily install the radio network into the rooms of their home.


RWE has launched SmartHome, the first-ever high-quality intuitive system on the market, which enables homeowners and tenants to control their heating and electrical equipment in a convenient and economical manner. The Plug & Play installation is very simple and can be completed in just a few simple steps. The user is able to access all system components from anywhere in the world. The system can be controlled from any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet PC which is connected to the internet. The radio network makes it easy to install the system in any household.

Occupiers can individually configure all functions: household appliances, lights and heating adjustments. Several lights or electrical devices (e.g. blinds, coffee machine) can be operated using a single switch. This is convenient for the user, providing independence and saving energy. Individual profiles can also be created to provide additional home security.


Zühlke developed the software for the SmartHome centre from RWE SmartHome as a partner in an international team under the management of Microsoft® Services. The embedded software was developed using Windows CE. The aim of the project was the creation of agile iterative and incremental procedural models based on Scrum. The SmartHome centre has radio interfaces for the hardware components (switches, plugs, sensors and heating vents). Display PCs, mobile phones and the RWE backend infrastructure are also connected and integrated.

Customer Benefits

  • The customer benefits from the combined software and hardware expertise of the Zühlke team, in particular during the integration of the home automation devices.
  • Stable architecture with modular expansion.
  • Flexible project control by involving additional experts during peak periods.
  • Professional collaboration within an international project team.