Success Story

Big data and cloud computing enable rapid field testing

Large volumes of data from extensive field testing needed to be automatically collected and evaluated. Zühlke designed a system architecture and developed a prototype to meet the complex requirements.


Viessmann Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating systems. Their next major product innovation was set to be a fuel cell, and, to reduce time to market, the company undertook systematic preparations for field testing. Extensive operational data needed to be collected during field testing in order to complete system optimisation as rapidly as possible. It was quickly apparent that non-functional requirements for the system were highly complex, ranging from variable data transfer intervals to dynamic growth in deployed unit numbers. Engineers also needed to be able to continuously monitor all systems and make individual adjustments as required. Zühlke was commissioned to develop a system architecture and realise a prototype.


Zühlke’s experts defined general requirements for the solution in preliminary meetings prior to identifying key use cases in close collaboration with specialists at Viessmann and clarifying the technical and organisational framework. Many years of collaboration have built a firm foundation of trust between the two companies. Cloud computing was quickly identified as the best solution for fulfilling flexibility requirements and reducing in-house IT workload. Zühlke analysed Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Windows Azure in terms of specific project requirements and compared quality attributes for the two platforms, enabling Viessmann to choose the ideal solution for its needs.

Customer benefits

  • Viessmann was provided with a firm foundation for choosing an architecture.
  • Objective evaluation of potential solutions based on quality attributes such as scalability, costs and migratability.
  • In the event of future strategic realignment, the client can easily assess whether the implementation still fits into the overall business concept.