Success Story

WHO/UNICEF prequalified: Q-tag® CLm doc

Zühlke has redesigned the Q-tag® CLm doc temperature monitor. The easy to use device meets high security requirements, consumes little power and offers flexible functionality at low production costs.


The Q-tag® CLm doc is a disposable temperature monitor for the shipment of temperature sensitive vaccines and medications. A key requirement is the integrity of the data collected. The criminal energy in the global drugs trade is immense. For this reason, it is essential to prevent or, at the very least, reveal even the most bizarre seeming manipulations. The architecture of the Q-tag® CLm doc reliably fulfils these requirements, including the digital exchange of all collected data. The large unit numbers involved and the extensive storage times before usage make low production costs and high energy efficiency essential.


Zühlke implemented a systematic approach throughout the entire product development process when redesigning the Q-tag® CLm doc.

The systems analysis of the product's predecessor led to ideas for new solutions and provided the basis for a rough estimate of manufacturing costs. In the system design phase, Zühlke carefully considered topics like communication options, energy consumption and intelligent data protection mechanisms.

Alarm limits are programmable according to customer specifications. The break-off tab clearly indicates that the device has been activated. Temperature and time information of all events can be displayed on the LCD screen or read out via USB as digitally signed PDFs. No specific software is required. The housing can only be opened by destroying it, and the signed data can easily be checked for tampering. With this combination of measures Zühlke achieved the necessary security: WHO and UNICEF have endorsed the product for the global transport of pharmaceuticals.

Customer benefits

  • Zühlke is well informed about the latest technologies and standards, and fulfils the requirements for product approval by WHO and UNICEF.
  • Thanks to the clever ideas of Zühlke's specialists, manufacturing costs and energy consumption are rock bottom. The functions remain freely configurable.
  • Q-tag® has one crucial selling point that convinced WHO and UNICEF: the security concept prevents manipulation of any kind.