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Comfort, energy efficiency and safety

The smart home market is still in its early stages of development. Many of the products are not yet sufficiently integrated and fail to exploit the available potential. There is, however, a strong demand for intelligently networked smart home solutions that will make your home more comfortable, more energy-efficient and safer.
Home smart home

The smart home offers huge opportunities for energy providers as well as for the building technology and consumer electronics industry. These sectors will be able to generate real added value, if building technology solutions, domestic appliances, consumer electronics, smartphones and tablets all communicate with each other in a meaningful way. In order to provide customers with the comfort they expect, smart home solutions have to meet these three criteria:

  • Interoperability: There are, as yet, no unified standards in the market. However, users expect all devices to operate seamlessly, i.e. companies have to design their smart home solutions so other providers can access them.
  • Usability: Thanks to smartphones and tablets, users are accustomed to a high level of usability. Providers of smart home services have to guarantee the same user experience for their solutions.
  • Data security: In a smart home, sensors transmit and receive sensitive information. In order to win the customers’ trust, data security with SSL is mandatory.

Meeting user expectations and surpassing them

Expectations are high when it comes to smart home solutions: A clear added value, data security, and low acquisition costs.

Consumers are more mobile than in the past. They want to access devices, retrieve their status and control them remotely from any place.

Companies have to invest a lot of time and money into developing these capabilities. Zühlke helps you to define customer benefits and shorten the time to market for smart home solutions in the following areas:

  • Ambient assisted living
  • Heat, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Home entertainment
Your one-stop partner

Zühlke covers all engineering disciplines that are relevant for smart home solutions: from mechanics or electronics development, via cloud backend systems, all the way to mobile applications and user experience. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Consulting and development of business models based on business model patterns
  • Methodical innovation with the help of “Stars 2 Road”
  • Product and software development for device connectivity, cloud technology, data analytics, portals and apps
  • Operation and maintenance of smart home solutions

At Zühlke, interdisciplinarity is high on our agenda. And so are agile development and a cooperative partnership with our customers. We listen to you and jointly develop the best solution using a lean approach.

Your benefit: marketable, user-friendly solutions that safely exchange data between devices and the cloud.

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