Predictive Maintenance

Failures are no coincidence

After only a few laps, the computers of Formula One teams already know the most likely final ranking. That’s because machines and devices don’t just break down out of the blue. Their faults are preceded by irregularities. Sensors capture data that intelligent models translate into reliable prognoses. Predictive maintenance is revolutionizing the service business.

Maintenance and operation become predictable

By using predictive maintenance, machine and equipment manufacturers address their customers’ most important challenges: to sustainably lower costs and comply with strict delivery dates. It reduces downtime due to unexpected failures to a bare minimum, and allows maintenance to be scheduled for the ideal moment. Similarly, it detects problematic operational procedures. The intelligent evaluation of machines’ sensor data results in:

  • increased customer satisfaction thanks to less unanticipated downtime
  • cost savings due to a substantially more efficient maintenance management
  • better customer retention thanks to a fast and automatic provision of services

Expanding the maintenance business

Companies are increasingly looking to outsource maintenance and operational tasks in order to concentrate on their core competences. They demand high standards of service quality.

At the same time the cost pressure from third-party providers remains strong. Combining the Internet of Things (IoT) with big data, predictive maintenance provides machine and equipment manufacturers with the unique opportunity of expanding their maintenance business.

Being able to offer cost-efficient additional maintenance and operational services enhances manufacturers’ flexibility.

Predictive maintenance services allow companies to:

  • generate a constant flow of revenue independent of economic trends
  • create new business models, e.g. the intermittent billing of production units
  • draft lump sum maintenance contracts with service-level agreements thanks to reliable risk assessment
  • improve products thanks to detailed insight into customers’ operational data
We represent best-in-class solutions from A to Z

Like no other engineering company, Zühlke consolidates all competences required for successful predictive maintenance:

  • Management consulting: Together we create innovative business ideas, evaluate specific applications, and calculate profitability. We actively support you in negotiating access to machine data with your customers.
  • Product engineering: We competently implement sensor and IoT technology for your product development thanks to our broad industry experience.
  • Data analytics: We generate predictive models that get the most out of your data. We efficiently incorporate sensor and model data into your IT system.
  • User experience: Our user experience experts guarantee the ideal usability of our solutions.
  • Managed services: We offer the necessary data infrastructure thanks to our international, high-security and reliable cloud service that complies with data protection laws.

Zühlke supports you in your specific needs from A to Z. Together with you, our specialists will design the predictive maintenance solution that offers you the best cost-benefit-ratio.

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