Health Monitoring

The Internet of things
for healthcare

Portable blood pressure monitors have been around for a while. The idea of connecting patients to the cloud and sending real-time information to physicians is one of the examples of how companies create innovative services based on health data. A desired side effect is to make healthcare better and cheaper.
Enabling health monitoring

On the one hand, physicians and chronically ill people are an obvious target group for health monitoring solutions. People in need of care are now able to live more carefree and independent lives thanks to Ambient Assisted Living.

On the other hand, fitness tracking using wearable computing and apps has become a virtue for the Quantified Self movement. This creates new business opportunities for many players – if they are able to overcome these challenges:

  • Regulatory systems: Medical products are subject to strict regulatory systems. In addition, data privacy rules vary from one country to the next. The business model depends very much on which data consumers are prepared to disclose.
  • Big data: Customer-oriented services are based on the analysis of huge amounts of data. Collecting, storing and analyzing data presupposes intelligent system architectures.

Wristwatch calls doctor

There is a large range of health monitoring products and services available: from medical apps that control your use of medication, via in-vitro diagnostic products, all the way to remote monitoring solutions. A remote application using Bluetooth could be e.g. to take a blood test and image the results to the physician through a cloud backend system. .

All solutions require strategic, technological and regulatory competences.

Zühlke offers all these competences from a single source:

  • Our business experts have many years of experience in developing new sources of revenue through customer-oriented added value.
  • We cover the entire relevant engineering expertise, focusing strongly on agile development.
  • We have a proven track record in supporting the approval process in a regulated environment (FDA and CE approval).
Health monitoring with Zühlke

Zühlke has many years of experience with relevant regulatory systems. As your partner for innovation, we cover all IoT-relevant consulting and engineering disciplines: from the idea, via mechanics or electronics development and cloud backend systems, all the way to mobile applications.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Consulting and development of business models based on business model patterns
  • Methodological innovation with the help of “Stars 2 Road”
  • Product and software development for device connectivity, cloud technology, data analytics, portals and apps
  • Operation and maintenance of IoT solutions

With Zühlke as your innovation partner, you profit from the advantages of the Internet of Things for health monitoring solutions. We ensure a smooth regulatory process so that you can speed up your time to market.

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