Value Engineering

More affordable and more reliable,
right from the start

The pressure on costs is omnipresent. The greatest potential for savings can be found in the system design. If equipment, machines and the associated disposables are developed right from the start with cost-optimization in mind, production costs can often be reduced by up to 50 percent, without affecting the product quality.
The worldwide competition is becoming ever more demanding

Globalization does not only offer opportunities such as bigger export markets or faster transfer of knowledge. Although the pie is now bigger, it is shared between ever more competitors. That has consequences:

  • The market demands that product costs be reduced by 20 percent and more.
  • The requirements of customers on quality and functionality are increasing rapidly.
  • Additional innovations must be seamlessly integrated on a constant basis.

With the help of an experienced engineering partner, it is much easier to realize the potential for cost reduction and to vastly speed up development.

In addition, the extensive know-how of Zühlke’s engineers increases the innovative capability of your company.

From the idea to the cost-optimized product

Value engineering is achieved by focusing on the core activities and by means of the close cooperation between marketing, development, production and purchasing.

Our know-how and our experience

Zühlke helps companies, e.g. from industry and medical technology as well as manufacturers of household appliances, throughout the complete product development process. Our support spans from targeted optimization of individual assemblies to the fundamental new development of complex equipment and the associated disposables.

The four vital pillars of our value engineering philosophy:

  • Design to cost: During the entire duration of the product development, it is necessary to resolutely keep an eye open for the most cost-efficient solution. The follow-up costs in particular must be taken into consideration in this context.
  • Design for manufacturing: The product design focuses on producing components in the most simple, and for that reason, most reasonably priced way.
  • Design for assembly: The same logic applies when optimizing the completion of the end product, which rarely consists of just one part. The individual components are designed to be assembled as simply and efficiently as possible.
  • Lean production: The economical and time-efficient use of production factors must be at the center of all company activities. This also applies to resources, personnel, planning and organization.

With our specialized process for the reduction of production costs for equipment, machines and disposables, and more than 15 years of practical experience, we are able to achieve maximum savings for you. You profit from more than 100 experts from all engineering disciplines, and from tried-and-tested innovation ideas from other industries and fields.

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