Continuous Innovation

Make good better than ever

A company cannot be successful in the long term without continually improving its products. In order to be able to implement novel, creative ideas, it is imperative to abandon established patterns of thought.

Standing still is not an option

Nowadays, a company that stands still rapidly loses its lead.

The market requirements change faster and faster and the competition becomes more intense.

The three most important factors of this development are:

  • Falling profit margins: Products must be produced with the same high quality but at an ever-lower cost.
  • Shorter life cycles: Companies must increasingly manage and advance numerous product generations in parallel.
  • Rising expectations: The requirements of the end user increase and change more and more quickly.
Innovation Workshop

Create a breakthrough idea in four steps

  1. Identification: In the identification phase, market needs and requirements are recorded and analyzed.
  2. Creativity: In a brainstorming workshop, your staff members, together with Zühlke specialists, generate 50 or more ideas, out of which 5–10 concept sketches are prepared and further developed.
  3. Exploration & rating: The feasibility is quickly checked with rapidly implemented models, demonstrators or simulations. Some initial surveys help to determine the market potential. These results are then included in the framework of a moderated review workshop and the three most promising ideas are evaluated.
  4. Planning: In the final phase, a decision is taken as to which concept should be realized. The portfolio and project planning begin.

From the idea to series readiness

Zühlke supports companies holistically in product development, from the brainstorming process to series readiness.

  • Longstanding project experience: With our long-standing project experience, we support you in recognizing the innovation potential of your products and maintaining your ability for innovation at a long-term high level.
  • Methodical brainstorming process: In our innovation workshop, we awaken the dormant creative potential in your company and, together with you, dare to find a broader perspective. We quickly check the feasibility with rapidly implemented models, demonstrators or simulations.
  • Cross-industry approach: With our profound knowledge in numerous sectors and markets, we are used to taking a broader perspective and learning from successful solutions in other sectors. Creativity techniques as well as internal and external crowdsourcing provide novel impulses.

Innovation in all its forms is a core-competence of Zühlke. Thanks to our many years of experience, we identify your unused potential for innovation and improvement, and pragmatically implement the resulting measures with you.

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