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Product innovation in the insurance industry

What are your products and services of tomorrow?

Insurance companies – What are your products and services of tomorrow?

Mobile, individual, and discerning - today's customers are different which  is why they are looking for new types of insurance. Insurtechs and other new players are developing relevant products exploiting the latest technologies and modern forms of customer interaction, such as machine learning, blockchain, chatbots, and IoT. The result: Established insurance companies are not only losing customers, but are also falling behind their competitors.
For insurers to be attractive to the customers of tomorrow, they not only have to become more innovative, but also faster. They need to develop, evaluate and launch more ideas in less time. This requires innovative strength, know-how, and engineering expertise.

Zühlke is the perfect partner for insurance companies that want to position themselves for the future. Not only can we help you generate ideas and implement them quickerbut also Zuhlke can teach you how to become faster and more innovative yourself. Whether it concerns business know-how to evaluate new ideas and business models, or engineering competence for integrating Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or startup software - Zuhlke can provide solutions.. 

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Insights on Insurance

Orientierung im Digitalisierungs-Dschungel

Visana digitalisiert ihre Abläufe. Zühlke erstellt gemeinsam mit dem Krankenversicherer eine Landkarte der Prozesse und bewertet diese nach dem Digitalisierungspotenzial.

Mobi24: Wegweiser für Prozessinnovation

Mobi24 möchte seine Prozesse verbessern. Zühlke erstellt eine Heatmap der Prozesslandschaft und identifiziert ungenutztes Potenzial für die Assistance- und Notruf-Zentrale und die Contact Center Organisation.

Sympany: Kundenbindung durch einzigartige Customer Experience

Sympany will ein Webportal, das durch Einfachheit besticht. Stimmt erarbeiten das Konzept, Zühlke setzt es innert kürzester Zeit gemeinsam mit Sympany um.

ImmoCrowd: Immobilienhandel in der Blockchain

Swiss Life will eine App für den Handel von Immobilien-Beteiligungen anbieten. Zühlke entwickelt für den Versicherer eine Handelsplattform, die auf der Blockchain-Technologie beruht.

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