Trainer Team

The Zühlke trainer team comprises highly qualified engineers, all certified in their specialist area and all with additional qualifications as excellent trainers and speakers. They work as project managers, software architects, coaches or technology experts.

Michèle Arnold
Requirements Engineering

Andres Asper
Manufacturing Cost Reduction of Mechatronic Systems, Production Optimisation (Lean Production), Coaching/Project Management

Dominik Auf der Maur
Architecture, Java EE Technology, Persistency, Scrum

David Baer
Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Lean 

Rolf Bruderer
OO Software Design, Design Patterns, Design Principles, UML, Agile Software Development, Craftsmanship, Clean Code, Java, Project Automation, UI Testing

Ivo Colombo
Scala, Funktionale Programmierung

Mischa Demarmels
Usability Engineering, UX Design, Interaction Design, User Centered Requirements Engineering, Mobile Engineering, Agile

David Eggerschwiler
Java, Unit Testing, Agile Software Development

Armin Egli
Usability Engineering, User Experience Design, Innovation 

Markus Flückiger
Requirements Engineering, Usability Engineering, Software Engineering, UML

Stephanie Föhrenbach
Usability Engineering, Interaction Design

Peter Gfader
Scrum, Agile Software Development, Software Testing, Web and Windows Development with .Net Technologies, C# and Team Foundation Server

Martin Habicht
Business Process Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Scrum, CPRE, Agile, Scrum Product Owner, Project Management

Christoph Hauert
Business Process Modeling with BPMN, Requirements Engineering with UML, BPM/RE with Enterprise Architect

Christian Heldstab
Scrum, Requirements Engineering

Arnaud L’Hote
SAFe, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Management 3.0, Unternehmensagilität

Rick Janda
Clean Code, Refactoring, Test Automation, TDD, Legacy Code

Alain Joray
Agile, Scrum, SAFe 

Nikolaos Kaintantzis
Requirements Engineering, Interaction Design, Scrum, Leading SAFe 

Daniel Kamm
Project Management, Software Estimation, Agile Software Development Processes

Jörg Keller
Agile Software Development with Scrum and RUP, Testing, Software Quality

Christian Kohler
JavaScript, FrontEnd

Lukas Lädrach
Akka, Scala 

Markus Leder
Software Architecture, .NET Technologies, Cloud Azure, SOA

Dominique Matter
OO Design, Agile Software Development, Scrum

Peter Meyer
Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Rational Unified Process, Business Modeling

Torulv  Norbäck
Project Management, Software Estimation, Rational Unified Process

Daniel Pfulg
Scrum, Software Architecture, .Net Technologies, C# and Team Foundation Server

Michael Qvortrup
Architecture, Java Applications, Agile Practices, Scrum

Michael Richter
Requirements Engineering, Usability Engineering

Mario Sabbatella
RUP, .NET, C#, BizTalk Server, Integration, SOA

Fabian Scheiwiller
Visual Design

Thomas Schild
Clean Code, Java, OO Design

Peter Schmid
Scrum, Agile Coaching, Embedded Software Architecture, Agile Software Development, OO Design

Christoph Schmitz
Functional Safety, Testing, Software Quality

Claudio Schödler
Requierements Engineering 

Hendrik Schöneberg
Akka, Scala, Functional Programming

Jonas Trindler
Web Security, OWASP Top10

Amadeo Vergés
LabVIEW, GOOP, LabVIEW PowerProgramming, Coaching, Review

Klaus-Peter Wichmann
Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Offshore Development

Daniel Wilhelm