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Lean, Scrum and Agile

Scrum Essentials

Develop fundamental Scrum skills, vocabulary, and agile techniques by practicing them. No programming know-how required, ideal also for marketing, business analysts, testers and directors.


Scrum Teams succeed best with a solid foundation and this 2 day course prepares students to begin effectively using Scrum immediately. This course is the perfect introduction to Scrum for anyone new to the framework.

It introduces the Scrum process, its roles, events, timeboxes and artifacts. Useful agile best practices like planning releases, managing Product Backlog, and agile estimation are elaborated. Common missteps like flexible timeboxes, unproductive retrospectives, ad-hoc work requests among many others are addressed.

Instead of lengthy theory, the students will find themselves already after one hour in their first Sprint. In combination with short blocks of theory, the foundation of Scrum is not just told, but understood and taken in.

This course lays the foundation of knowledge needed for other, more advanced training such as Professional Product Owner and Scrum Master.


Upon completion of this course, the participant has a sound knowledge of Scrum. He is able to actively play his role in Scrum projects and to improve the application of Scrum in the company.

Target group

This course is appropriate not only for software developers, but for anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. It is especially well suited to companies or teams investigating Scrum, those who are currently struggling with Scrum, or those beginning to utilize Scrum in their development environment.

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