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Java 8 Workshop

Lambda expressions, default methods, method references. The Stream API and the filter-map-reduce framework. JavaFX 8 and 3D support.


Java 8, the latest Java version, includes a wide range of new features. Lambda expressions and the Stream API in particular are potentially game-changing features, as, in addition to the existing object-oriented model, they enable the use of functional programming in Java. This change makes available entirely new design options, with which every ambitious Java developer needs to be familiar.

Java 8 also sees changes in other areas. The long-neglected issue of how Java handles dates has finally been tackled, as has the JavaFX GUI platform, version 8 of which makes designing attractive, modern user interfaces much easier. The practice-based introduction offered by the workshop is rounded off by a brief exploration of a range of additional useful features.

In addition to its theoretical component, the workshop has a strong focus on internalising and applying this theory in practice. To this end, each of the above topics is complemented by practical exercises, enabling workshop participants to experiment and get to grips with the new features in Java 8.


Participants will have a good overview of the new features in Java 8. Theory is fleshed out with practical exercises to help participants successfully get to grips with Java 8 in their own projects.

Target group

Software developers and architects who wish to learn about the changes in Java 8.

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