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Total mobility – ready for take-off

Exciting times for mobility companies: People are traveling more as their spheres of action expand. The demand for fast, yet affordable local transport and long-distance travel is rising. For the end customer, the combination of local, long-distance, and individual transport has to be smart and attractive.
Smart traffic, smart infrastructure, smart business

The future of mobility companies is smart: They embrace intelligent, integrated systems and structures, which provide the opportunity to secure long-term competitive advantages:

  • Firstly, providers of mobility solutions cope with the growing demand for mobility. Real time control systems allow the full utilization of existing infrastructures and the efficient allocation of resources.
  • Secondly, travellers profit from real time information at all times. They will become so-called smart travellers who can comfortably plan, book or adjust their means of transport to suit the current traffic situation.

More customer-focused, more efficient, more sustainable

The technological preconditions for an intelligent transport system have already been fulfilled. Zuhlke creates customer-focused solutions that feature distinct advantages:

  • Better customer satisfaction: With data analytics you can generate customer insights to discover what your customers need today and wish for tomorrow. Zuhlke’s modules form the basis for satisfied customers: intermodal apps and connected systems.
  • More efficient processes: The consistent digitalization of processes saves time. In view of future requirements, Zuhlke visualizes, optimizes and integrates your business processes. Thus, you can efficiently monitor supplier, customer or partner relationships.
  • Sustainable asset management: The right information addressed to the right person at the right time makes sustainable decisions possible. Thanks to predictive maintenance solutions from Zuhlke, you will optimize the availability and utilization of your assets.

On the road with Zuhlke

As a methodical innovation partner that places a premium on implementation, Zuhlke improves all of mobility companies’ processes throughout the customer experience chain:

  • Process optimization: We increase your decision-making reliability in all strategic and operative areas. Thanks to many years of strategic partnership with SBB Swiss Federal Railways, Swiss International Air Lines, the Swiss Federal Roads Authority (ASTRA), Swiss Post, Berne’s public transport authority, Bernmobil, and the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), you profit from our network and our industry know-how.
  • Cross-industry innovation: You will benefit from our cross-sector expertise and our tried-and-tested innovation methodology if you need marketable innovations to be implemented quickly.
  • Data-driven business: Thanks to Zuhlke, you decide and plan based on objective information. Your maintenance planning, for exampe, is based on real time data that we collect, aggregate and compress. You plan efficiently in real time and control your task force in a cost-efficient way.
  • IT solutions including maintenance and operation: Our project teams use agile development methods. The result: scalable and sustainable IT solutions, including application lifecycle management as well as maintenance and operation.

As the long-standing strategic partner of mobility and transport companies, we have a profound understanding of the processes, system architectures and the value chain in your sector. Thanks to this know-how our experts are always quick to deliver the right solution.

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